JVC M-L10 Power amplifier and P-L10 Pre-amplifier

JVC M-L10 power amplifier
JVC M-L10 power amplifier
JVC M-L10 power amplifier
JVC M-L10 power amplifier
JVC M-L10 power amplifier
JVC M-L10 power amplifier

JVC M-L10 Power amplifier and P-L10 Pre-amplifier


A beautiful and internationally best selling power amplifier in the 80’s, the JVC M-L10 is now virtually impossible to find for sale, especially in such fine condition as this one.

As is the case with the matching P-L10 pre-amplifier for sale by mysonicspace, the highly lacquered rosewood cabinet has been professionally renovated to brand new standards. Any visible marks in the photos are reflections as the casing is pristine and unmarked. The JVC M-L10 is based on Victor's traditional Super-A circuit, in Power Cascode mode. This circuitry keeps voltage constant but allows current to vary This helps avoid phase problems resulting from loudspeakers capacitance and inductance. The M-L10 can drive with ease a difficult real-life loudspeaker as it does a purely resistive load of the test bench.

Super-A works with an Active Bias Circuit, strapped across the input of the power stage. The ABC controls the amount of bias following the output level variation. By feeding them sinusoidally-varying reverse bias during their half-cycles of non-conductivity, output transistors never switch off. There is no switching distortion as in normal Class B, and no unnecessary heat production as in Class A.

For the power supply, the mains transformer is a huge toroidal concealed under a two-part square metal casing. The main capacitors are four 80V / 10,000µF. In common with the P-L10 pre amplifier,  internal components are refined and have proven extremely reliable. In the case of both the pre-amplifier and the power amplifier, all the original components have been retained. It has not been necessary to replace any (other than 2 bulbs), in order  for the units to attain or exceed  the manufacturers' original specification.

The JVC M-L10 power amplifier is fitted with circuitry to protect the amplifier and speakers against accidental damage, in the event of an input surge and other states:

Protection circuits for accidental shorting of the output terminals. The speaker relay is released in 2 steps, 6 secs and 30 secs, according to the output state.

Protection by detecting the centre voltage. When the DC voltage exceeds +/- 3V for some reason or the application of  a DC voltage to the input, the speaker relay is released.

Power limiting circuit. This circuit is provided so that the maximum rated output is 200W at 4 ohms. This is not a current limiter but a pure voltage limiter which doe not cause degradation of sound quality.

The large-scale power meters follow a logarithmic scale, with the the attack/recovery time accurately set to match musical dynamics. When the power is initially switched on or when the protection circuit is activated owing to a malfunction, the illumination is red. After 5-6 secs the illumination should become a subtle green.

The M-L10 power amplifier is sold with the matching P-L10 preamplifier. The price quoted includes both units.

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JVC M-L10 power amplifier specification

Output power :    2x 160W (RMS, 8 Ohm, 20Hz...20Khz, 0,002% THD)    
THD :    0,002% (rated power)    
IMD :    0,002% (rated power)    
Power bandwidth :    5Hz...100Khz (IHF, 8 Ohm, 20Hz...20Khz, 0,002% THD)    
Switching distortion :    0    
Transient intermod. distortion :    0 (LPF fc = 100Khz)    
Frequency response :    DC...300Khz (+0 / -3dB ; DIRECT input, 8 Ohm)    
Subsonic filter :    -6dB / octave below 16Hz    
Input :    1V / 100kOhm    
S/N ratio :    120 / 100 / 75dB (IHF-A / IHF A-202 / DIN)    
Damping factor :    200 (1Khz, 8 Ohm)    
Dimensions :    460 (W) x 203.5 (H) x 417.5 (D) mm,    
Weight :            28Kg
Power requirement: AC 240 V / 50 Hz. 680 Watts.