An Edinburgh Audio Club?


As music lovers and audiophiles, we are blessed in Edinburgh. There's an extraordinary selection of specialist retail outlets in our city for quality audio equipment, as well as an Aladdin's Cave of pre-owned gear in a couple. We also have a dozen or so record stores selling new and second-hand vinyl and regular record fairs in Edinburgh. And of course, the fantastic concert halls and live music venues. Now, I hear you ask; what have live gigs and concerts got to do with a recorded music reproduction website? Quite a lot as, contrary to popular opinion, a true audiophile is a music lover first and foremost.

I've had this idea...always a dodgy concept for me. Having lived in Edinburgh for a year or so, I continue to discover audio stores and record shops “hidden” from the main drag. Ones I wish I'd known about ages ago. Then there are the numerous popular live music venues but the opportunity to offer free publicity to the budding, less well known ones can only be a good thing.

So, what if I began an Audio Club to cover just Edinburgh and the immediate surrounding district? My idea is to provide a useful “one-stop” overview as to what's available in the city, from an audiophile's point of view. After all, this approach is popular in the States where there are respected audio clubs in many of the major cities.

Why a club?  I've listed below some advantages which I think the extra value and clout an audio club could bring:

  • A forum for members (and professionals) with recommendations and advice on the buying and maintenance of audio equipment.

  • Engage the younger community with the idea of how good music can sound in the home – there's a Music Society at the Uni.

  • Negotiation of discounts and offers by record and audio retailers to members.

  • Details of reliable and knowledgable audio equipment repairers in the area.

  • Adverts by members who have equipment/records for sale.

  • Recommendations by members of exceptional music/albums and upcoming gigs.

  • Music evenings of Classic Albums played on quality audio equipment supplied by retailers and members.


In addition to music lovers/audiophiles living within the area becoming members, record shops, Hi-Fi retailers (for both new and second-hand equipment), music societies and so on would be encouraged to take an active part. That way information can be kept up to date, including news of any latest promotions and offers. It's notable that there isn't a great deal of “overlap” among audio and record retailers, each seemingly specializing in certain markets and price points.

A small membership charge would be payable to cover administrative expenses, but the organization would be not for profit. The fee for membership would be probably be in the region of £10.00/yr. A new website specifically for the club would be created .

Your thoughts, views and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. A minimum initial membership of approximately 20 would be needed for a club to become viable.

An alternative approach would be to provide a list (with detail) of audio dealers and record stores in the vicinity, an “Edinburgh mysonicspace” if you will, without the formation of a club. Of course there wouldn't be the scope to negotiate any of the benefits a club would have.

Please contact me with your views via the website with your views.

Alternatively please phone on 07976 217386. Your contact details will never be disclosed to any Third Party for any reason.

Many thanks.