Marantz 1300DC Integrated amplifier.


The Marantz 1300DC integrated amp is one of the US greats, epitomizing a well designed and beautifully engineered and constructed, versatile amp. Designed in the US but built in Japan, it came at a time when the very best audio equipment was produced by both countries, just before misguided marketing departments were responsible for reducing audio equipment to homogeneous boxes. These were the halcyon days when great audio companies such as Marantz, Sony, Luxman, McIntosh etc. competed to produce innovative, flagship products. The Marantz 1300DC is a worthy contender as a landmark product.

The Marantz 1300DC is an integrated version of the Marantz 3650 pre-amplifier and the 300DC power amplifier. With a nominal 4 ohm speaker connected, 190 watts RMS/channel can be delivered. Two sets of speakers can be driven simultaneously, and the amplifier is capable of powering difficult speaker loads with ease.

So other than sheer power, why exactly does the Marantz 1300DC sound so masterful and in control? How about because of the huge power supply incorporating a  massive dual secondary transformer, quality discrete electronic components, a rigid, strong chassis with huge heatsinks and DC coupling to the speakers?

The unit weighs in at 24.5 Kg, an exceptionally  high figure for a classic integrated unit.

There are separate left and right graphic stepped controls for bass, midrange and treble with a turnover frequency selector and bandwidth equalizer. With audio quality foremost in mind, the designers of the 1300DC included the ability to bypass the equalization network entirely, providing a more direct path for the input signal to the output stages.

The Marantz 1300DC has two phono inputs - one for moving coil cartridges (which is switchable to a magnetic input), and another dedicated magnetic input. The magnetic input load impedance and capacitance settings are adjustable by two discrete controls on the front panel. The moving coil input presents a useful input impedance load of 50 ohms, suitable for many MC cartridges.

The amplifier has full tape monitoring and dubbing facilities which allow for the recording of any input, and simultaneous monitoring or listening to any other input.

A rather nice touch is the “contour” knob on the front panel, a  variable loudness control if you will, enhancing low level listening.

I am fortunate enough to own a 1300DC for my personal use. Consistently the amplifier delivers a well balanced sound quality, regardless of the source. It invariably sounds “just right”. There is no emphasis of any particular frequency with no veiling sometimes associated with classic designs. The low frequency response is exceptional by any standards. It is deep and punchy and not at the expense of the sweet, sweeping treble.

Regrettably, the Marantz 1300 DC was only manufactured for a single year between 1978-79. The result is that this model rarely comes to the market and when it does, one in very good condition can sell for as much as £2,000-£2500.00, maybe more.


Marantz 1300DC specification.


RMS Power Per Channel    152 Watts - 8 Ohms,  190 Watts - 4 Ohms  
Damping Factor @ Load Impedance -   60 - 8 Ohms, 20 Hz    
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)   - 0.02% -8 Ohms, 0.05% - 4 ohms, both at full power.   

Power Bandwidth:    DC to 30 kHz    
Frequency Response:    +0 dB, -1 dB, 5 Hz-60KHz    
Signal to noise ratios: Phono (MC): 76dB, Phono (MM): 90 dB, Aux: 100 dB, Main in: 110 dB   

Intermodulation Distortion (IM): 0.03% - 8 Ohms, 0.09% - 4 ohms both at full power.   
Input Impedance:    30 k-ohms    
Input Sensitivity for full output: 1.5 v.  
DC Capable:    Yes, switchable   
Peak Lamp(s): Two    

Phono Input terminals:
Impedance: (MC) 50 ohms                                                                                                                                    
Selectable Impedance:  (MM) 100K/47K/27K/10K/1K ohms
Input capacitance: (MM)100pF/150pF/220pF/330pF/470pF
Input sensitivity:   MC - 100 micro volts, MM -  2.0 milli volts

Voltage user switchable: 110/120/240 volts.
Power consumption with both channels operating: 575 watts
Idling power:  90 watts

Dimensions  416 mm (W), 146 mm (H), 436 mm (D)
Weight 24.5 Kg